What happens when?

You have decided to come to Barcelona for medical or rehabilitative treatment? In a few steps we now describe the arrangements to be made:

You visit your doctor and discuss the matter with him.

He recommends you the journey, draws up a report of your illness, perhaps compiles other examination reports or X-ray takes and further material, which is important for your treatment in Barcelona.

Your medical reports are assessed by our medical consortium. Afterwards we suggest the qualitatively best treatment for the respective case in the relevant clinic. Your documents are now forwarded to selected specialist clinic with the request to assess it, suggest a therapy and draw up a provisional cost calculation. Should you already have stated a date for your travel, a hotel request for you and your relatives and further services, the respective dates and costs are drawn up now.

After all your documents have been collected, you will receive an offer on the costs of all the requested services.

Afterwards all booking are made.

If you wish, you will be taken directly from the airport at your destination to your hotel or to the hospital. If you need you will be provided with a translator for your visit at the doctor’s if wanted.

During the patient’s stay at the hospital we offer relatives suggestions for a varied leisure time programme in case they need it.

You will be taken back to the airport after the completion of your treatment and your stay in Barcelona if you need it.

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